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We began as organic gardeners and composters before we made the leap into hobby vermicomposting and worm raising. Our original mission was to decrease our impact on the local waste stream, reduce time spent composting and create a safe and organic benefit to our garden beds. Red Wiggler worms created beautiful, rich compost in a fraction of the time of normal composting. Soon, other organic gardening friends asked for information about vermicomposting and how to use vermicompost products in their vegetable gardens, flower beds, yards and trees.

Heather Rinaldi grew up in the farm and ranch lands of Northern Oklahoma. "I try to share the childhood pleasure I had gardening with my grandparents and parents with my own family. " Raising worms is a full cycle process in the Rinaldi home. Family meals seasoned with local, fresh, and organic ingredients provide fruit, veggie, and grain scraps that the worms compost. In turn, that vermicompost and Texas Worm Ranch Worm Wine (TM) is used as an affordable, organic amendment in our garden plots, which produce bountiful harvests for our family meals.

Steve Clary has ranching in his blood - although not worm ranching.  His family has been cattle ranching and farming in Texas since the late 1800's.  With a strong entrepreneurial spirit in tow, Steve broke away from the grind of corporate America to rediscover his roots in ranching. "It's hard to raise cattle in Dallas," Steve chuckled, "So, I found next best thing - red wiggler worms!" I always got a kick out of seeing the excitement in my Mother's face when a new born calf hit the ground on the ranch," Steve said. "I get the same feeling when I smell the rich aroma of worm castings passing through the harvester.  Each pound is headed out the door to enrich our clients soil with living biology.  There is a certain satisfaction to it - it's therapeutic."


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