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Organic Garden Installation

Growing Organic Gardens, Families, Communities and
Business in Dallas!

We install successful organic vegetable gardens in your yard!  Have you ever tried a garden and failed, or want to try but don’t have the time or expertise?  The crew at Texas Worm Ranch can help you have a healthy, affordable and successful vegetable garden in your backyard.

Our Dallas clay soil is high in mineral content, but too compacted for easy and successful vegetable gardening.  A raised bed garden will be your best investment for success.  We have been gardening for years and know the pitfalls to avoid, what plants to grow when, and how to maximize your chances for a good harvest.

Custom Designed Gardens or standard garden plans:

12 inch Garden Installation:  4x4 Bed Cost:  $450   4X8 Bed Cost:  $700
24 inch Deluxe Garden Install:  4X4 Bed Cost $550 4X8 Bed Cost:  $900

Deluxe Garden is great for less bending and for those with back or joint pain.

All gardens come with:

  • Installation
  • Chemical Free Lumber and Bed Parts
  • All organic Compost
  • Appropriate organic amendments to start bed (including Texas Worm Ranch Worm Castings)
  • Mulch
  • Trellis
  • Soaker Hose
  • Vegetables, herbs and possibly flowers and fruit (mix of seeds and plants).  You choose what your family likes from a list of in season plants.
  • FREE Ongoing email and Facebook support
  • Option of paid maintenance service or “house call”, if needed

At these prices, a homeowner could not install their own bed more inexpensively.  You should get thousands of dollars of organic produce over the lifetime of your garden.  Your family’s health and bonding: Priceless!


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