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Why Use Texas Worm Ranch Castings?

Our goal is to ensure that our castings are the premium standard for the industry, in both nutrient value and soil biology.  Texas Worm Ranch commits to quality.

  • Unlike other casting producers, our worms are never fed peat moss
    (an unsustainable and antimicrobial food source) or just one food source of any kind.
  • We custom feed a diverse mix of natural vegetative waste to produce a premium
    standard of abundant biomass of beneficial soil organisms and nutrients.
  • Our posted castings’ results are tested by a SoilFoodWeb– and
    Dr. Elaine Ingram-approved laboratory for diversity and mass of soil biology
    and nutrient cycling potential.
  • We use our castings in our own organic yard and tree treatments and vegetable
    production.  We require the highest quality for our purposes, and pass that quality
    on for our customers’ success.
  • Our castings are harvested weekly and kept moist and alive to ensure you get the
    highest quality and mass of biological life when applied to your property.

TWR castings have been tested by one of the leading labs in the country
– Click here and see the results for yourself!

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