Worm Wine

Our signature product of high quality vermicompost, rainbarrel water, and molasses–delivered in recycled gallon jugs. Brewed when you order so that you can use it at it’s maximum microbial activity that benefits your yard, vegetable garden, trees, containers or flowerbeds. Our customers use Worm Wine™ to encourage plants to uptake nitrogen and other nutrients from the soil, perk up plants and increase production, and have had great success using it as an anti-fungal.

$7 per gallon

This product cannot be shipped and must be picked up by appointment or at farmers markets. Click here to order.


Brew Your Own Living Microbe Application with Eco-Brew.

Brew this actively aerated worm castings tea for 24-48 hours, ensuring a healthy, diverse population of beneficial bacteria, protozoa, nematodes, and fungi.
Our worm castings are regularly tested by Soil Foodweb consultants. This makes sure that you are spraying a living and healthy microbial solution, ready to evolve your soil.

Use your own actively aerated brewing equipment for applications on golf courses, sports fields, pastures, agricultural fields, lawns, gardens, tree farms, and as a soil inoculant in food and medicinal crops.  Can even be added to hydroponic systems to reduce liquid fertilizers by up to 50%.

Our ingredients include Texas Worm Ranch premium worm castings, trace minerals, along with humate and foods to activate a dense and diverse microbe community.

Benefits include: 
*Nutrient cycling to increase nutrient and mineral uptake of roots
*Disease prevention and control
*Soil building as aggregates form and humus is developed
*Plant health, growth and production.  Deeper color, enhanced flowering, increased aroma, and more nutrient and mineral density.  
*Increase runners in grass or root size in plants
*Improve water holding capacity of soil as beneficial fungi is established in soil

7 lbs:  Brews 50 gallons of Eco-Brew that can be diluted up to 100 gallons: $62.00 includes shipping

14 lbs:  Brews 100 gallons of Eco-Brew that can be diluted up to 200 gallons:  $100.00 includes shipping

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