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Texas Worm Ranch sells Red Wiggler Worms, the best composting worm.

Composting Worms are amazing creatures working for our planet. Red Wiggler worms can reduce a waste stream by 90%. In an industrial setting, this would mean being able to compost 2,000 lbs of green waste into 200 lbs of quality worm castings for landscaping or gardening benefit. On a family scale, these mighty wonderworms can turn your fruit and veggie scraps into a wonderful product for your home vegetable beds, flower beds, or houseplants. One pound of E. foetida (often called red worms, red wigglers, manure worms, or composting worms) will consume 1/4 lb. to 1/2 lb. of waste each day, converting the waste into organic humus, rich in nutrients, plant hormones, and beneficial mibrobes.

Species disclaimer –

Most North American worm “herds” cannot guarantee 100% pure worm species with any type of composting worms.  We do our best to keep our “herd” as close as possible to 100% red wigglers, but there is always a chance of receiving a few “other” species in your order.  While our goal is to minimize this within reason, these “other” species are usually also great composters! 


Our worms are weighed separately, and then placed back in compost and bedding. We sell “bedrun”, which means there will be mature worms, young worms, and cocoons in the mix. The young worms and cocoons adapt more easily to a new environment and give you more worms per pound–the best deal in the worm world! A pound will have somewhere near 1,000 worms.

 Buy one to five pounds of worms  

We ship in the continental United States.


Seasonally, we sell worms at wholesale volume 
(6 lbs. or more. These worms must be pre-ordered.

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We ship in the continental United States.

Local Buyers (Greater North Texas Area)

To reduce your cost and ensure the highest quality product and service, we prefer taking orders by email and arranging a pickup by appointment in the Greater North Texas Area. If you are interested in our worms or products, and live in the local area, send us an email with the order info and amount of worms or product you would like and we will get an order ready for you and work out a time for you to pick it up.

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  • 1/2 lb. “Bedrun” Red Wiggler Worms $30  (Price is for local pickup only.)
  • 1 lb . “Bedrun” Red Wiggler Worms $45   (Price is for local pickup only.)

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