Shipping Policy

Summer Shipping prices and practices

We have raised our summer shipping prices so that we can ship to you with a Live Worm Guarantee (with proper handling on your end!).  We will be using ice packs and insulation to ensure live worm delivery within the 48 continental states.  You MUST get the worms out of the heat as soon as possible once delivered to your doorstep.  Once shipped, you will get tracking info.  Any issues must be documented immediately with photo and email.

Outside the North Texas Area

Shipped Orders are harvested on Mondays for Monday or Tuesday shipping.  We ask that all orders are turned in by Noon, FRIDAY, Central Standard Time, so we can plan the week.   Most orders turned in after the cutoff will ship the following week.

Please make sure someone will be available at home to receive the worms, or let us know if they should be held at post office for pickup.  We want to prevent worms being left out in heat or cold.

When temperatures are above 85 or below 32 degrees, we reserve the right to postpone shipping until temperatures are ideal for worm shipments.  We will watch your 10 day forecast and communicate with you if there is a weather problem.

If someone is home to receive worms, temperatures are in ideal range, and all rational precautions are followed, we guarantee live worm delivery.

Local Pick-Up

North Texas Area

Email us your order at  [email protected]–include order request (lbs of worms), what you intend to use worms for (red wigglers are not intended for garden or yard placement, but worm castings will help attract your deep burrowing worms), requested appointment day and time.

Our hours are by appointment ONLY.

Email allows us to 1) be able to understand what you want  2) have your order in writing  3) Send you written address and pick up info for you to refer back to.

Prices for local DFW Pickup will be less expensive than shipping. 

  • 1/2 lb “Bedrun” Red Wiggler Worms $35
    (Price is for local pickup only.)
  • 1 lb. “Bedrun” Red Wiggler Worms $55 
    (Price is for local pickup only.)

It will take us a few days to get you in our order queue (Sunday order may be picked up by Wednesday, etc.)
We must have an appointment in order to make time to harvest and prepare your order.5

Wholesale Orders

For wholesale orders or more information, please email us at  [email protected]     
We will contact you.