Worm Bins

Worm Bin

Perfect size for the home vermicomposter. We set up a “working” worm bin with already established microbial activity and a habitat the worms enjoy and are adapted too. The bin is a pre-drilled and properly ventilated 10 gallon container with compost, bedding and 1/2 lb of red wiggler worms. *Bedding may be newspaper, cardboard, leaves, or straw–depending on what is available and if your bin will be an indoor or outdoor bin.

$65 each plus shipping

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Urban Worm Bag

I am in love with this new product available for worm composters. The Urban Worm Bag is great because: 

1) It is breathable, while still maintaining adequate moisture (you should be able to create much better aerobic vermicompost) 

2) It can hold over 5 cubic ft. of material–a huge amount compared to most home worm bins (that means you can compost more waste!) 

3) It is easy to assemble, easy to feed, and easy to harvest. Life should be easy, right?! 

I am a personal friend with the developer, Steve Churchill, who has sought feedback from professional vermicomposters all over the globe to refine the Urban Worm Bag. He’s also standing behind the product with a lifetime guarantee. I don’t often promote other products, but I really do think this is something wonderful for my followers, so we are offering it through this post. If you are intrigued and would like to research and order, here is the link:   https://urbanwormcompany.com/heather
Price:  $155

Recommended Worm Amount to Order:  1 or 2 lbs:  
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